Azur Titan 3000L Front Light
Azur Titan 3000L Front Light
Azur Titan 3000L Front Light
Azur Titan 3000L Front Light

Azur Titan 3000L Front Light

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Ride Like a Pro and Be Seen You don't have to be a Pro to use the Azur Titan Headlight but with 3000 Lumens under the hood, you'll most certainly look like one. Here in Australia, our road rules require bike riders to be visible at 200 metres through the employment of a front white and rear red light when riding in low light conditions. This is because other road users need to be able to see riders, and lights are the most effective visibility tool. However, while this is a minimum requirement many bike lights can make you stand out a lot more than that like the Azur Titan Headlight for example. It Really Packs a Big Punch It will not only ensure you are unmistakeably visible to others but will also make the road ahead of you fully visible for spotting potential hazards in your path as well. You would be advised though to angle this light down to focus on a point ten metres ahead of the bike to avoid the risk of blinding other road users particularly when you’re operating it on the higher power levels. Burn prevention function, is when the temperature of the body reaches a certain level the mode will change to low beam automatically. When this occurs the mode will not change by pressing the button. The light will work normally when the temperature returns to normal.

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