Nerang Bike Hire

At Just Ride nerang, we have a massive range of Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, E-bikes to hire. Just around the corner from Nerang Forest and on the skirts of the Gold Coast Hinterland, you can pretty much hire a bike and leave from the shop on your next adventure.

Bike hire prices

Bike Type 3hr 24hr 3 days +

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Damage Waiver*


* Optional Damage Waiver only available for 3hr hire.


Nerang National Park

The trails extend for many kilometres across a huge area of Nerang National Park. Almost all trails began as 'Wild' trails built by dedicated trail builders who continued to maintain their work for years. Their work is epic, yet recognition of these tireless workers is not forthcoming from the authorities when it comes to fines and penalties for building and maintaining the remaining 'Wild' tracks. without these builders we would have almost none of the existing tracks.

An increasing number of these trails are being 'legalised' and are now officially maintained by a local trail care alliance and have been modified for club use and have lost some of their original character as a result. Instead, these modified tracks have some upgraded features like flow and pump sections as well as some small jumps in places. The rest of the trails are still in good condition and are appreciated by a huge contingency of riders. There's a mix of fireroad and singletrack to suit all riders. Many hours of riding without doubling up on trails is possible.

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