The world's lightest production hardtail chassis - The New Epic Hardtail

The world's lightest production hardtail chassis - The New Epic Hardtail

All New Epic Hardtail 2020

The New Epic Hardtail is a Game-Changer

The world’s lightest production hardtail chassis (775 grams, size Medium S-Works frame), is now the most capable and comfortable XC hardtail anywhere. We know, “comfort” and “capability” aren’t words normally associated with a top-tierrace bike, but they should be. After all, you’re not winning races or setting PRs if the bike beneath you is twitchy or harsh. The new Epic HT lets riders of all stripes ride faster over any kind of terrain or race course.

Specialized S-Works Epic Hardtail

More versatile than ever before

We boosted tire clearance, letting you take full advantage of wider-volume tires on more challenging tracks. And while we were at it, we equipped the bike with a 30.9-millimeter seatpost, which gives you the option to run longer-travel dropper posts for even more maneuverability and control on technical sections.

Simple, Reliable and Utterly Badass

There’s a reason people don’t use Ferraris to pick up their groceries. Sophisticated, race-bred machines have a reputation for being fickle, sensitive, and frankly, a royal pain to own and operate. Let’s call bullshit on that right now. The Epic HT is a World-Cup-caliber race rocket that’s also hassle free. There are no proprietary, bolt-on bits and pieces to fret over. And yep, there’s a threaded bottom bracket here as well. Proven, reliable, and utterly badass.