Ready to Dive into Mountain Biking? Let's Find Your Perfect Ride!

Ready to Dive into Mountain Biking? Let's Find Your Perfect Ride!

Stepping into a bike shop after being nudged by friends or feeling the itch to hit the trails, can feel like stepping into a maze. There are bikes everywhere! From XC to E-Bikes, the choices can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the jungle of choices to match you with your dream bike.

Understanding Mountain Bike Categories

Before diving in, let's decode the jargon. Ever heard of XC, Down Country, All Mountain, or E-Bike? These terms might sound like a foreign language, but they all refer to specific types of mountain bikes categorized by their intended trail use. We can can also separate them by suspension travel (in this case, rear travel). Here's a quick breakdown:

  • XC (Cross Country): 90mm - The speed demon of the bunch, perfect for racing!
  • XC Trail: 110mm - A balance between speed and comfort.
  • Down Country: 120mm - Great for those who want a versatile ride.
  • Trail: 130mm - Your go-to for a mix of climbing and descending.
  • All Mountain: 140-150mm - Built for varied terrains but favouring descends.
  • Enduro: 160-180mm - For those adrenaline junkies tackling rough terrain.
  • Downhill: 180-200mm – Perfect for those hitting the bike park every weekend with shuttles.
  • E-Bike: Typically 'All Mountain' in geometry with some exceptions on the lighter or heavier side.

Step 1: Know Your Local Trails

Before choosing a bike, think about where you'll ride the most. Are you sticking to smooth, fast trails, or are you craving technical challenges with jumps and drops?

For instance:

  • Daisy Hill: Mostly green and blue trails? An XC trail or trail bike might be your best bet.
  • Mt Cotton: Craving blue and black trails with jumps? A Trail, All-Mountain, or Enduro bike might be more your style.

Remember, while there's no one-size-fits-all, answering these questions help narrow the range of over 7 mountain bike categories down to around 2 or 3!

Step 2: Zeroing In on Your Bike

Imagine you're shredding through Nerang State Forest, the trails undulate and traverse through different valleys and while it can often feel like you’re climbing for days before you get to the fun descends, we promise they’re out there!

If you’re going to be a Nerang local, you'll likely lean towards a Trail or All-Mountain bike. Here's why:

  • Trail: Efficient and perfect for longer rides.
  • All-Mountain: Ready to conquer technical terrains and enjoy Nerang’s unique rocky descents.

Popular Picks Include:


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Step 3: Making the Final Call

With a clearer idea of your riding style and preferences, we should now have your bike selection narrowed down from the entire shop floor (over 70 bikes) to around 5 bikes! - Easy.

Next comes down to whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or want all the bells and whistles!The team at Just Ride is here to help match you with your perfect bike. Come into our store, test a few models, and find the bike that speaks to you.

See our range of Trail & All Mountain bikes.

We hope this guide simplifies your journey to finding the perfect mountain bike. Stay tuned for more insights in 2024 from the Just Ride Team!