The all new 2021 Stumpjumper

The all new 2021 Stumpjumper

2021 Stumpjumper



Combining the lightweight efficient DNA of the Epic EVO with the benchmark handling and capability of the new Stumpjumper EVO, the new Stumpjumper is the ultimate singletrack flow finder. It climbs and accelerates like it has a motor, descends with authority, and flat out tears through every conceivable trail condition. There’s never been an all-round trail bike this light, this efficient, this capable.


The generous cockpit centers you on the bike, improving traction and corner control. The low bottom bracket, slack headtube angle and reduced fork offset keep things stable in the rough. A steep seat tube optimizes power output and climbing balance. Short chainstays keep things nimble.

2021 Stumpjumper - adjustable geometry


To hone handling to your style and terrain, simply switch the FlipChip at the rear shock eye to change bottom bracket height by 7mm and headtube angle by one-half degree. Low and lax delivers more stability, while high and steep makes for a more nimble ride.

2021 Stumpjumper - lighter and stiffer


The frame is the backbone of the bike. It’s the origin of control and efficiency, and it’s the centrepiece of any serious weight saving effort. The full Stumpjumper frame assembly* (barely) tips the scales at an unbelievable 2,420g, but we didn’t compromise in our quest for light weight. The Stumpy punches above its weight, setting the bar for mid-travel trail bikes in handling characteristics, pedaling efficiency and trail toughness.


The shape of a composite frame determines the vast majority of that frame’s weight, stiffness and durability. After crunching countless Finite Element Analysis calculations, we optimized the shape of each of the Stumpy’s frame tubes and their intersections, eliminating “lazy” material that would otherwise hide in unoptimized corners, thereby ensuring that every fiber is delivering the most strength and stiffness it can. The result is maximum performance and minimal weight.


To achieve breakthrough weight and stiffness goals, the Stumpjumper employs the strongest, most expensive carbon we have ever used in a mountain bike frame. The result? Climbing speed and flickable handling of a lightweight, along with stiffness that delivers wicked pedaling efficiency and telepathic handling. You really can have it all.

2021 Stumpjumper Rider First Engineered


The SWAT door is a masterpiece of carbon fiber construction and spatial optimization that ensures you’ll be ready for whatever the trail dished out. Conveniently and cleanly stash everything from spare tubes and CO2 cartridges to a windbreaker and a banana (careful with that last one).

2021 Stumpjumper - SWAT storage.


130mm of Rx-Tuned rear travel delivers a ride feel that is lively and balanced, yet capable of absorbing big hits unlike any other mid-travel trail bike. Thanks to the combination of the progressive leverage ratio and mildly progressive spring rate what you feel on the trail is a playful, snappy ride for the first two-thirds of travel, then - thanks to the increasing spring rate - excellent bump force management and resistance to bottoming in big events. Believe it.

2021 Stumpjumper - RX Tuned Suspension


Our trail obsessed team of engineers stay awake at night thinking of how to make suspension work better. For the Stumpjumper they tailored every aspect that contributes to final suspension characteristics – kinematics, leverage curves, damping and spring rates – to work together in harmony to deliver a highly controlled, responsive and precise ride that handles bump forces like a bike with far more travel.

2021 Stumpjumper - S-sizing


S-Sizing is based on what matters; rider size and style, not inseam. Six sizes, all with similar headtube lengths and standover allow you to choose the size that best suits your individual style. Smaller S-Size numbers are going to be more nimble, thanks to their shorter reach and front-center measurement, while bigger S-Sizes deliver more stability and a roomier ride.

2021 Stumpjumper - Flexstay

One-Piece Rear Triangle

Stumpjumper’s one-piece rear triangle improves torsional and lateral stiffness, which in turn enhances responsiveness and pedaling efficiency. These lateral and torsional stiffness gains are achieved by eliminating the flex intrinsic in mechanical pivots.


Through precise shaping of the seatstays and chainstays, along with utilization of appropriate composites, we created a flex zone along the seatstay, above the brake mount, that flexes to allow suspension travel without any rear end pivot hardware.

The Missing Link

All in all, the FlexStay allows us to ditch 55-grams of hardware, enhance lateral chassis stiffness, reduce maintenance, and precisely match suspension kinematics and chassis stiffness. The result? The most efficient, nimble, trail bike we’ve ever made.